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Here are a few of my programs designed to accelerate and activate your manifesting.


Activation System

The revolutionary step by step system designed to activate the 6 powerful principles that make manifestation and the Law of Attraction work every single time.

When you use these 6 principles, in this order, it creates an activation that allows your desire to happen in your reality.


Abundance Academy

Reprogram your subconscious mind to manifest abundance on autopilot. 

Abundance Academy is a revolutionary program that dives deep into your belief system and subconscious mind, and shows you manifesting techniques tailored to you based on your learning type and personality. 

This is Mary Kate's signature program!



The monthly membership where you get access to a Q+A with Mary Kate every single month as well as access to an on demand manifestation library filled with every tool you need to get the specific results you are looking for. There are over 56 meditations, training videos, workbooks, affirmations, mantras, and more- all organized into categories so you can get straight to the result or outcome you are looking for.

It's like a gym membership for manifestation. Inside CREATE you not only get a live Q+A with Mary Kate to ask her your questions, but you also have access to an entire private Facebook community for support, guidance, and questions! 

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