Meet Mary Kate

I'm Mary Kate and I'm a mindset coach, manifesting expert, and founder of MKmagicmindset. 

I approach the manifesting and the Law of Attraction differently.  I don't believe that the Law of Attraction is a one size fits all approach, and I share tools that are customized to you as an individual.  I specialize in the fundamental tools and principles that truly get streamlined results. 

You might know me from Youtube (click HERE), but however you found me, I am so happy you are here!

I pride myself in taking the confusion out of manifesting focusing on subconscious programming, energy work, quantum physics, and mindset work principles that shift you into attracting from a place of ease.

Because manifesting is not meant to be difficult!


From a very young age, I had this DEEP DOWN feeling that if I wanted something strongly enough, that I would find a way to get it.

My stubborn nature and creative imagination led me to accomplish and receive anything and everything I set my mind to.  If I wanted something I put my energy into it, and it happened simple as that.  

It was like I had a magic power, but I didn't know what it was called or how it worked.

Fast forward to when someone introduced me to the Law of Attraction with the book 'The Secret', and it all clicked!

I learned that EVERYONE has these abilities and it's a skill that requires constant attention and awareness.

In my decade of studying and practicing the Law of Attraction, I've uncovered proven techniques, formulas, manifesting methods, and mindset work that delivers powerful results. It's not luck, it's physics. 

I have used the Law of Attraction to consciously create and decide the life I want t live, and I am here to help you do the same. 

It's available to everyone, you just need to learn to tap into it. 

My mission is to help and empower as many people as possible with my decade of research, practice, and coaching.


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