Coaching Spots Are Currently Full

At the moment Mary Kate's one on one coaching spots are booked through November 2024.

At the moment Mary Kate’s one on one coaching is booked up through November of 2024, but in the meantime she offers several trainings and courses as well as a membership where you get a live Q+A each month inside of CREATE. 

The courses and trainings go into a lot more depth and have specific techniques.  

All of these trainings are different and offer different focuses.  

Abundance Academy goes deep into subconscious programming and shows you how to manifest what you want based on your learning type and your personality.  This is Mary Kate’s signature program and there is tons of valuable information inside including her exact 7 step manifesting process, and how to customize it for yourself, specific manifesting methods that work for you based on your learning type, the three pillars of manifesting, manifesting trouble shooting, and preventing subconscious sabotage.  There is a lot of powerful trainings inside this program. 

And inside CREATE you get monthly meditations, workbooks, affirmations, and a mantra with a new focus each month.  CREATE is designed to be a long term, in depth training, that dives even deeper into your belief system and goes over new principal foundations in manifesting each and every month.  There is also a Q+A each month with Mary Kate.  CREATE is a wonderful and affordable tool to add on to any courses you are interested in taking. 

When it comes to manifesting and practicing the Law of Attraction, you have to continue to practice and learn new ways to program your mind and shift your mindset every single day.  Once you grasp a new concept, there is something new to build upon and learn. 

For more information on these programs or to sign up, here are the links:

Abundance Academy:


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