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Suan K.

“Abundance Academy is so insightful and it is totally worth it! I loved the part that talks about the techniques according to the unique learning type. This changed everything when it came to the manifestation game. I implement all the techniques and methods that I learned from the course and manifesting is easier. I AM A MONEY MAGNET!"



Heather O.

"The best thing that happened to me was I had an A-ha moment when I realized that if I believe I am worthy of love, yet I hold money lower in value than love, then of course I am worthy of money!  I went on to manifest my first 10,000 I had been asking for to help with some high interest loans I had incurred.   I continuously manifest money and lowered bills.  I love the practical exercises that Mary Kate has helped me with.  It is fun to manifest my dream life one moment at a time!"

Allison O.


"I have experienced and continue to experience so many manifesting wins and many MAJOR shifts because of Mary Kate's Abundance Academy!!  My favorite success story to share is when my little family (myself, husband, and baby) were down to LITERALLY $0 and had no idea what we would do to put food on the table or pay our utility bill to keep the lights on. I knew I had to something. The old me would get a minimum wage job cleaning restaurants or hotel rooms. The new me, shifting and manifesting student of Abundance Academy, decided to manifest. My husband received an unexpected $8,300 in the mail within 24 hours. Again, this is one story of many. We’ve also been given a business to run as successful entrepreneurs and received abundant gifts in the form of money, health, and joy.  THANK YOU MARY KATE!"

John S.

"I continue to experience miracles, the one that stands out the most is right after I purchased your program,. I went to the grocery store and went in for a few items. I found $3 on the ground as I walked into the store.  I went in for the items and realized I did not have any money except the money I found. The bill came to just under $3 so I had exactly enough money. It was amazing, the universe provided what I needed when I needed it. This is a result of your teaching. More miracles happen to me and it is thanks to you. I hope to one day meet you in person with more great stories, you are amazing. Thank you thank you thank you."